Friday, January 7, 2011

we got engaged in October 2009.

case had planned to do it while we were on vacation, but had a little bit of difficulty getting the ring on time.

alex monroe made my ring.  it was a design i had spotted on net-a-porter and then contacted the designer to have it made with a few touches of my own.

at the time casey was living in berlin, md.  a few days before we were about to leave for vacation, he had still not received the ring and started to track it's whereabouts.  turned out the ring had been sent to berlin, germany.  oops.

the ring didn't show up on time but he proposed a week or so later on a pretty fall day while we were on a bike ride.

it's definitely an unusual engagement ring, but it suits me and my style.  some might say 'dramatic'.  people don't often believe me when i tell them that it's my engagement ring, but i suppose that was kind of the idea behind it.

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