Wednesday, January 19, 2011

i went to target to kill time

and came out with so many (unnecessary) treasures.

these are just the 'fat guy' pants i've been looking for.  never thought i'd buy into 'jeggings' but these guys are perfect.  they're like a washed out cotton denim- sounds horrible but it's not.  now if only i could get away with wearing them to work.

this smells so good- reminds me of something from when i was little.  maybe the 'red apple' flavored lip smackers.

if only i could find a picture of the measuring cups that i got!  i'm missing a '1 cup' measurer from my set and i found one today that is blue plastic in the shape of a whale and comes with a '1 tbs' diver.  perfection.  (picture to come- they're that good.)

i can't get over the valentine assortment at target- they have everything from spanish conversation hearts to valentine storage containers for your home.  crazy.  of course i totally bought into it, but sanely.  i just picked up some candy and cards- no heart shaped and printed table settings for me.  at least not this time.

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