Thursday, May 17, 2012



lately, my brain is all things swim.  i keep seeing tops, pants, dresses- all in swim fabric.  this might be the perfect time to start using all my leftover yards of swim material from senior collection.

#4 is underwear/swim bottoms all in one from Xirena- because you never know when a pool party might break out.  Of course, there are tops to match.  (thanks FOAM, for the heads up!)

and who wouldn't want a wolf onesie?


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

just sayin'

( maggie and me/ ryan roche blog / stone fox bride )

stumbled across this ryan roche for stone fox bride dress today on the internet.  uncanny resemblance to mine, no?  so on it- two years ahead of my time.

i've always wanted to be able to wear my dress again for something- just not sure what chance i'll get.  while i'm not ready to dip dye the bottom in neon pink, i do think it's a sweet idea.

i have to say, i'm tickled pink right now.