Saturday, January 8, 2011

the luckiest

my mom and dad always give us the best christmases.  they always go above and beyond and create the most magical day and each year tops the last.  but this year i got the best gift yet and i'm not sure that anything will ever top it.

it was the last box i opened and inside was this beautiful vintage pendleton blanket lovingly worn.  as soon as i saw it, i was able to place it- visions of seeing it sitting in my grandparent's house instantly reemerged.

i feel so lucky to have this piece to remember my grandparents by, but what makes this blanket the most treasured item i own- is what is stitched on in one of the corners.

my grandfather's name on a little label.  i don't think anything could be more special than that.  i so wish that i could ask him why his name was placed on the blanket and surely he would have a detailed story as to why the label was there and who put it there.  but an assumption will have to suffice and i can only imagine that it was put there before he went off to summer camp- granddad really traveled in style.

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