Sunday, October 9, 2011

sunday dinner

we had our first real dinner in the new house tonight- just perfect.  made dinner from several recipes that i've found amongst my foodie blogs.

so good.  the only thing we were missing was cilantro- the cilantro at the store today did not look right, so i left it out.  the salsa totally doesn't need it, but cilantro is my fave so i can imagine this would be even better with.

pretty good- definitely can perfect this.  the dipping sauce for these guy is the jam.

and then for the week i also made these guys.

case set up a sweet dinner spread with candles and he wrapped the silverware up all fancy-ish.

opal took a spot front and center on top of the picnic table.

he wasn't successful in getting any bits, bless his heart.  he's not very good at begging, but it works for him because he can sit on the dinner table next to your plate and you don't have to worry about him snatching up any food.

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