Tuesday, October 4, 2011

i'm.....a.....giant.....blog challenge!!!

so i'm off to a very late start on the "i'm a giant blog challenge!" by emily henderson and pals.

with moving, etc. going on in my life- all i've gotten to is taking 'before' pictures of the dollhouse i'm going to work on.

my sister and i got this dollhouse one year for christmas.  i remember many a christmas bazaar trying to win a dollhouse through a raffle and after many disappointing losses, i think santa took the hint.  i can also remember ogling all the miniature wares in a dollhouse shop in our local mall and now i wish it was still around- who knew after...what, 17 years that i still would be interested in this very little, somewhat weird hobby?

(side note: the day i found out about the challenge, i drove down to my parents house to pick up the dollhouse and all of it's accessories.  i really did feel like the biggest creep driving around for a week with a dollhouse fully visible in the trunk of my car.)

6 rooms is a big undertaking.  but i figured the money not spent on buying a new dollhouse, i could put into buying flare for it.  although i'm really trying to use materials i already have and then splurging on what i really need.  lord knows, i have a lot to work with.

my goal is to really see this thing through- fingers crossed, i don't peter out.

so, in the words of emily henderson:

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  1. Very cool house! Your lucky you had one you could use, and not have to build it! :)